Debt Freedom is an Australian company founded because we saw a need for a business that offered different, cost efficient, alternatives, and solutions, for people and businesses that are experiencing financial hardship or insolvency.

Unique solutions

Debt Freedom can offer options that others may not. We are a small company that does not employ sales people. We understand your unique situation and have a team of debt specialists who can advise and guide you to a debt free life.

Individuals and Businesses

We are able to help people in all areas of financial difficulty, from ordinary people who have over-extended their credit facilities and are now unable to repay their debt, to business people and companies who are in severe financial crisis and need professional help.

An experienced team

Our team has a combination of over 20 years experience in personal insolvency and has provided simple solutions to thousands of everyday people.

We offer protection against harassment and legal actions. We are also able to assist businesses and companies with insolvency turnaround.

How long have you been struggling for now?

In most cases when people find themselves in financial difficulties they feel ashamed and don’t want to deal with the stress they find themselves in. They try to avoid their creditors, even borrow more money and hope that something will eventuate to solve all their problems. In fact they are in Debt Denial. This only makes matters worse.

We will assess your unique situation and advise you of your rights, what options you have, and how each solution will affect you!

Would you like to be stress free?

Talk to one of our Debt Consultants now!

Find out how to eliminate your debt in a few days. We talk to you at a human level so you understand how we can help, as we only have your best interests at heart.

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Based on experience, most of the people who are looking for debt freedom relief never meant to get themselves in their situation. Each and every person has different needs and urgencies. Some need instant action to prevent further problems where others need advice and options.

Most people do not know about their rights. After we listen to you, we will explain your rights, provide you with options and offer solutions that are more suited to your financial situation.


Talk to one of our Debt Consultants now!

Talking to a qualified consultant is the quickest way to get on the path to eliminating your debt, and the stress that comes with it. Take action to get in control now.

1300 855 388

We were in a bad way when we called you, we’re so glad we did.

Our debt had spiraled out of control and we couldn’t see a way out.

Thanks to Hugh and his team we have our life back and are looking forward to the future.

Martin and Sue

For over 10 years, our team has assisted thousands of normal, everyday people in resolving their personal or business debt situation.

We will assess your unique situation and advise you of your rights, what options you have and how each solution will affect you!

Free Debt Freedom Consultation

Find out how to eliminate your debt on a few days.

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