After Bankruptcy

For many people, the processes surrounding Debt Agreements, Debt Negotiations and Bankruptcy are quite involved, stressful and surrounded by laws and regulations. The everyday person will not have the time or the understanding to research this ‘minefield’ of regulations in order to ensure that they do not incur penalties and fines.

The penalties are often severe, from increasing the period of your bankruptcy from three (3) to five (5) or even eight (8) years. Fines can be imposed of thousands of dollars. Movement outside Australia can be prevented by forcing the surrender of your passport in the most extraordinary cases.

You can put yourself at ease by using the DebtFreedom “After Bankruptcy Service”. This service allows you to contact us, for the period of your Bankruptcy. We will resolve any questions, answer any correspondence (on your behalf) and ensure that you do not incur any additional penalties and/or fines.